BIM and Geospatial: Learning from Practitioners Webinars

Join buildingSMART and OGC for a Webinar series highlighting technical objectives, success stories and community best practices involving key domains in Geo-BIM such as the airports and railroad industries. The objective of the Integrated Digital Built Environment (IDBE) joint working group is to address this challenge by bringing together experts from the Open Geospatial Consortium and buildingSMART to coordinate the development of the relevant data standards. In these Webinars, you will learn about highlights from recent Geo-/BIM successes, shared knowledge from communities of practice and standards-related agreements.

Bringing AEC Information into a Geospatial Context

This webinar is time zone friendly for North American, European and Middle East and focuses on integrating AEC information with geospatial workflows.

Welcome by IDBE Chairs Carsten Rönsdorf, Ordnance Survey (GB) and Jim Plume, buildingSMART Australasia
Introduction to the IDBE discussion paper from Tom Gilbert, Newcastle University
Speakers from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NGI, Studioschaeffer, the City of Den Haag and VueOps

Date: 23rd April 2020
Time zones:

7:00 a.m. (PDT - Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00 a.m. (EDT -Eastern Daylight Time)
16:00 p.m. (CET - Central European Time)
18:00 p.m. (GST - Gulf Standard Time)

Duration: 90 minutes

Maya Tryfona, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Adam Rendek
VueOps/DPR & bSI Chair Airport Room
Mats Kahlström, NGI
Edward De Wit,
the City of Den Haag

Gert-Jan Groenewoud, Studioschaeffer

Modelling Resilience through Digital Twinning

This webinar is time zone friendly for European, Middle East, Asia and Australasian time zones and focuses on how digital twins can deliver more resilience through better AEC modeling and GIS information management.

Welcome by IDBE Chairs Carsten Rönsdorf, Ordnance Survey (GB) and Jim Plume, buildingSMART Australasia
Introduction to the IDBE discussion paper from Tom Gilbert, Newcastle University
Speakers from OYO Corporation, Meta Moto and City of Rotterdam

Date: 24th April 2020
Time zones:

9:00 a.m. (CET - Central European Time)
11:00 a.m. (GST - Gulf Standard Time)
15:00 p.m. (CST - China Standard Time)

17:00 p.m. (AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Duration: 90 minutes

Richard Simpson, Meta Moto
Hiro Shima, OYO Corporation
Louis Smit, City of Rotterdam


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Speaker Information

Maya Tryfona is a Data Engineer in the Information Management team of the Asset Management Department of Schiphol Airport. She worked as a GIS consultant in the BIM team of Schiphol for more than a year on the integration of 3D information within the GIS environment. Maya is a member of the Airport Room Steering Committee of buildingSMART International. Together with Adam, they will present the findings of the Working Group of the Airport Room of buildingSMART on the BIM and GIS connection.


Maya Tryfona

Data Engineer, Royal Schiphol Group

Adam Rendek designed small- and large-scale buildings both in the United States and Europe. He has a strong ability to coordinate diverse stakeholder requirements to align them with capital project priorities and organizational drivers. His detailed knowledge of design, construction, and data needed for operations supports his work. Adam will be presenting with Maya on the same topic.


Adam Rendek

VDC Engagement Manager, VueOps/DPR

Mats Kahlström is a geotechnical engineer at NGI (a consultancy and research institute in Norway) and specializes in soft soil engineering for construction projects. He will present on how the digital modelling and geo-positioning of cement columns (used to stabilize soft clay ground) is subject to multiple data conversion operations to move between a variety of software applications and satisfy a project customer’s requirements.


Mats Kahlström

Geotechnical Engineer, NGI

Edward De Wit is the Senior Policy Officer at the Municipality of Den Haag. Edward will present “Integrated situation-drawing - a practical way to connect BIM and GIS" and focus on the “situation-drawing”. Examples will include how to submit a building application, the submission of a site plan and all a requirement. In such a location drawing you will find both information about the building and the environment.


Edward De Wit

Senior Policy Officer, Den Haag

Gert-Jan Groenewoud is an architect working forStudioschaeffer with the Municipality of Den Haag and will also present on the topic of “Integrated situation-drawing - a practical way to connect BIM and GIS".


Gert-Jan Groenewoud

Architect, Studioschaeffer

Richard Simpson is a founding member and current CEO of Meta Moto (formerly MetaBola). Meta Moto is a leading provider of strategic management, project management and technology consulting services to the government (local and state), infrastructure, utilities and building industry sectors. He will discuss how Digital Earth technologies that encompass both BIM and geospatial data collate rich information about the physical world around us from sensors to create digital twins.


Richard Simpson

CEO, Meta Moto

Hiromasa Shima is an executive officer and the head of R&D center of OYO Corporation, a Japanese leading geo-engineering consulting firm. He is a member of both Tunnel and Common Schema projects of buildingSMART International. Hiro and his colleagues have been working to integrate GIS and BIM to develop the geological and geotechnical 3D models that are useful to reduce risks and resulted costs throughout the lifecycle management of infrastructure.


Hiromasa Shima

Executive Officer, OYO Corporation

Tom Gilbert is a postgraduate researcher at Newcastle University, working in the domain of spatial data science and engineering. He is sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Ordnance Survey. Tom will briefly introduce the recently-published OGC-bSI IDBE paper to set the scene – from a data standards development perspective – for the subsequent and main presentations from practitioners.


Tom Gilbert

Postgraduate Researcher, Newcastle University

Louis Smit is senior advisor geo-information and 3D at Public Works Rotterdam. He studied Geodesy at the Delft University of Technology. He began his career at Haskoning, royal dutch consulting engineers and architects in Nijmegen. He was manager of the GIS department and responsible for acquisition of Large Scale Base Maps projects. After that he was manager of the department of Geo-Information at Public Works Rotterdam.


Louis Smit

Senior Advisor, Public Works Rotterdam